Since 2002, we have helped more than 25,000 artists.

Make it stand out.



We are working with one of the industry's leading music distributors, we are helping our artists submit their products correctly. it is extremely important to us to guarantee full creative freedom as we try to make every spelling, release date or special wish possible.


We are our own publisher and submit the artist's products accordingly to all relevant parties. We also cooperate with other publishers to get the best possible and most fitting results for our artists.


With our live partners, we conceptualize and execute live concepts from pop-up gigs, festivals to tours or solo concerts.



Artist development is the most important task for us. Together with our artists, we strive to find their own look, feel and vibe and develop their brand into a cohesive experience, we plan the next steps and turn visions into realities.


BBN Music has an in-house creative team that helps artists to brainstorm, conceptualize, creatively advise them on either projects or their whole artist identity. We execute concepts and try our best to make the art come to life.


The goal of BBN Music is to utilize synergies and give our artists the best possible requirements, we have a label own music studio, creative space, and a diverse pool of music and film production equipment.